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Bidding Announcement of the 4th Batch of TOD Project Integrated Design in 2018, Chengdu Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd


In order to speed up the construction of city fully manifesting the new development concept, focus on expanding urban space, optimize the urban form and improve city image, Chengdu Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd, guided by a new round of urban master planning, follows the requirement of constructing harmonious and livable city and park city, actively explores TOD Chengdu model and plans to unfold integrated urban design for Chengdu’s rail transit network in 2035 in the planned land surrounding the planned stations. The Group hence sincerely invites design institutes at home and abroad to attend the TOD project integrated urban design work. We hope that with advanced urban design concepts, we can inject new ideas and dynamism to Chengdu, compose a new TOD chapter of “station-city integration, life hubs, cultural landmarks and art role models”, and chart the new blueprint of urban development led by rail transit system.


1Tender conditions

1.1 本项目业主为成都轨道地产集团有限公司,建设资金来自企业自筹,项目出资比例为100%,招标人为成都轨道地产集团有限公司。项目已具备招标条件,现进行公开招标。

1.1 The project owner is Chengdu Rail Transit Real Estate Group Co., Ltd, construction capital is   funded by the enterprise itself, the ownership proportion is 100%, and the tenderee is Chengdu Rail Transit Real Estate Group Co.,Ltd, The project has already met the requirements of tender and it will go through open tendering.

1.2 本招标项目招标组织形式为自行招标。招标人选择的招标代理机构是/

1.2 The tender form of this project is self-tender. The agency chosen by the tenderee is\


2Project Overview and Tender Scope

2.1 项目名称:成都轨道地产集团2018年度第四批次TOD项目一体化设计

2.1 Project name The 4rd Batch of TOD Project Integrated Design in 2018, Chengdu Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd

2.2 建设地点:成华区、温江区

2.2 Construction sites: chenghua District, wenjiang District, xinjin county

2.3 项目规模:按照市委、市政府2018年对TOD项目落地的任务要求,成都轨道地产集团有限公司拟对成都市轨道交通2035年线网规划站点实施TOD项目一体化设计,本批次招标项目地点涵盖成华区、温江区,设计研究范围约3469亩。

2.3 Construction scaleAccording to the task requirement of TOD project implementation from CPC Chengdu Committee as well as Chengdu Municipal government in 2018, Chengdu Rail Transit Real Estate Group Co.,Ltd intends to perform integrated design of TOD project for planned rail transit network stations by 2035. The construction sites of the 2rd batch tender cover chenghua District, wenjiang District at the total design research area of 3469mu.



Section name


圈内涉上市土地站点名称Station name of related land in the scope



TOD integrated design area (unit: mu or 667 square meters)


Core area (unit: mu)


Section 1

成华区Chengdu District

龙潭寺东站Longtansi East Station



龙潭寺西站Longtansi West Station

8号线龙潭寺停车场Longtansi Yard of Line 8


Section 2

温江区Wenjiang District

万盛站Wansheng Station




2.4 计划设计周期:合同签订之日起,至完成甲方全部委托设计任务及项目建设完成为止,各阶段的设计周期以甲方下达的设计任务书为准(甲方有权根据任务实际情况作出调整)

2.4 Planned design cycleFrom the date of contract signing to the completion of all design tasks entrusted by tenderee. Each stage of the design cycle is subject to design task from tenderee (The tenderee has right to adjust the period according to actual situation).

2.5 招标范围:

2.5 Tender scope


The integration design and coordination tasks of the TOD project of the rail transit stations or the region around rail yard and the design and coordination tasks of the subsequent stages (if the tenderee does not have the relevant implementation conditions, it has the right to cancel or adjust the design and coordination tasks of the subsequent stages). The specific scope of the tender is detailed in the tender documents of each section.

2.6 质量标准:符合国家规范、技术标准及政府相关文件要求。

2.6 Quality standard: Compliant with the requirements of the current national standards and local government related documents

2.7 标段划分:2个标段

2.7 Section divisiontwo sections


3Qualifications of the bidder


3.1 Qualification conditions


3.1.1 The bidder is an independent bidder: Bidder must be an independent legal entity with Grade A qualifications or above for the construction industry (construction engineering).


3.1.2 The bidder is a consortium bidder:联合体牵头人为:具有独立法人资格,并具有建筑行业(建筑工程)设计甲级及以上资质。 The consortium leader must be an independent legal entity with Grade A qualifications or above for the construction industry (construction engineering).联合体成员单位为:具有设计许可的境外机构或港、澳、台机构。 The consortium members are made up of overseas institutions or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan institutions with design qualifications.联合体成员单位为:具有独立法人资格的国内策划咨询机构或具有策划咨询许可的境外机构或港、澳、台机构。 The consortium bidder is made up of domestic planning and consulting institutions with an independent legal entity or overseas institutions and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan institutions with planning and consulting qualifications


3.2 Financial requirement: not required


3.3 Credit Requirements: no bankruptcy or its property/assets not frozen or taken over.


3.4 Requirements of project manager: Class-1 Registered Architect, head of design with working experience of at least one domestic or overseas similar project in recent three years(from   January 1st, 2015  to the deadline for bidding) (similar working experience meansproperty development project in the parking lot/vehicle base or site which is interconnected with the site within 500 meters).


3.5 Consortium bidders are accepted in this bidding with the following requirements:


3.5.1 Member number of consortium bidder shall be less than 3, and various members shall not independently join the bidding of the same section in their own names along with other consortiums.


3.5.2 The consortium shall comply with relevant regulations and requirements of consortium bidding, submit consortium agreement and clarify the leading units of the consortium and rights and obligations of each party.


3.6 Similar project performance requirements of the bidder: For nearly three years( From January 1st, 2015 to the deadline for submission of bids), bidder shall have at least 1 completed similar project  (similar projectproperty development project in the parking lot/vehicle base or site which is interconnected with the site within 500 meters). Should a consortium bids, its member company shall possess such qualification and submit similar project proofs upon registration


3.7 Each bidder can bid the two above-mentioned sections.


4Acquisition of the bidding documents

4.1 凡有意参加投标者,请于2018 11 23 日至2018 11 30 日,每日上午900时至1700时(北京时间,法定公休日、节假日除外),在成都市公共资源交易服务中心本项目报名室(成都市天府大道北段966号天府国际金融中心7号楼)领取。领取招标文件时须携带下列有效证明文件:

4.1 Bidders shall acquire the tender documents at: Registration room of Chengdu Public Resources Exchange Service Center (Building No.7, Tianfu International Financial Center, No. 966 North Section of Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu).

Time to acquire the tender documents: 9:00 am to 17:00 pm from 2018.11.23 to 2018.11.30(Beijing time, public holiday excluded). Please bring the following valid documents in claiming the bidding documents:

4.1.1 投标人为国内机构:需提供法定代表人授权委托书或单位介绍信原件、企业法人营业执照复印件、资质证书复印件、经办人身份证复印件(以上复印件均需查验原件,留存加盖鲜章的复印件);

4.1.1 Chinese bidder need to provide the authorization letter of the legal representative or the original letter of introduction by employer, copy of the corporate entity business license, copy of the qualification certificate and copy of the ID card of the operator (The original documents must be checked and the copies with fresh company seal will be reserved).

4.1.2 境外机构或港、澳、台机构:需提供所在国或地区核发的合法营业及设计许可、授权委托书及委托文件;

4.1.2 Foreign bidder or bidder from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan need to provide the local legal business license, design license and authorization letter and documents of the country or region.

4.1.3 联合体投标的,联合体各成员单位均需提供有效的证明文件及加盖联合体各成员单位鲜章的联合体协议书原件,协议书中应明确联合体牵头人和各成员单位权利义务(联合体协议书格式见附件二)。

4.1.3 For the consortium, each member should provide valid documents and original Consortium Agreement with the fresh seals of the members to clarify the rights and obligations of the heads and members (Please see attachment 2 for consortium agreement format).

4.1.4 投标人参与本项目的保密承诺书,还应加盖投标人(或联合体牵头人)的鲜章(保密承诺书格式见附件一)。

4.1.4 The Letter of Confidential Commitment needs to bear fresh company seal of the bidder (or consortium head). Format is as shown in the attachment 1.

4.1.5 业绩证明资料:国内投标单位需提供发包人盖章确认的证明资料、港澳台及境外机构需提供业绩证明原文复印件及译文,证明资料均需附承诺书(投标人承诺书格式见附件三)。

4.15 Project proof: Chinese bidders shall provide proofs sealed and confirmed by contractor, bidders from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan and foreign bidders shall provide copy and translation to the original project proof,, which must be attached with letter of commitment (please see attachment 3 for the format of bidder’s letter of commitment)

4.2 招标人不提供邮购招标文件服务。

4.2 Mail-order for tenderee cannot be provided.


5Submission of the Tender

5.1 投标文件递交的截止时间(投标截止时间,下同)为 2019 1 4 10 30分,地点为:成都市公共资源交易服务中心第二开评标区本项目开标室(成都市青羊区宁夏街191号)。

5.1 The deadline for the Tender Documents Submission10:30a.m 4th January,2019

The address for submission The bidding room of the second evaluation section of Chengdu Public Resource Transaction Service Center (No.191 Ningxia Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu)

5.2 逾期送达的或者未送达指定地点的投标文件,招标人不予受理。

5.2 If the Tender Documents are overdue or delivered to the wrong place, it will not be accepted by tenderee.


6Announcement media


The  bidding result will be announced on China Tendering And Bidding Public Service Platform (http://www.cebpubservice.com/), China Bidding (https://www.chinabidding.cn/), National Public Resources Transaction Platform (Sichuan Province) http://www.scggzy.gov.cn, Chengdu Public Resources Exchange Service Center Platform Centerhttp://www.cdggzy.comand Chengdu Rail Transit Group E-Commerce Procurement Platform (http://www.cdmetro.cn).


7Contact information


TendereeChengdu Rail Transit Real Estate Group Co.,Ltd

    址:成都市天府大道中段396号地铁大厦 A

AddressBuilding A, Metro Tower, No.396, Middle Section of Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu.


ContactMiss YaoTechnology),Miss Yuan and Miss FanBusiness


Tel: 028-86372085028-68174909028-61639363


Fax: 028-61639130


NotesThis Bidding Announcement is written in both Chinese and English. If there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese descriptions, the Chinese text shall prevail.